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More than 10 years of experience
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You will receive relevant profiles within 4 weeks
Up to 6 months guarantee per candidate

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We value a balanced business relationship.
We respect your brand.

We are maximally flexible within timeframes.
We respond to your questions immediately.

Trust, discretion and specific information come first for us.

If you are looking for top talents for your company, meet our candidates!

  • Personal approach,, you won't just be next in line
  • Precise selection of candidates
  • We have the greatest expertise in the areas of Finance, HR, Law, Marketing, Sales and Purchasing
  • We successfully manage to present relevant profiles to the client within 4 weeks
  • Well set up communication
  • Very fast and quality knowledge of corporate culture
  • We have an extensive network of contacts, we know how to find them, motivate them properly and connect them quickly with you!
  • 100% certainty of filling the position
  • 6 months warranty for the candidate
  • You know exactly who is on the other side
  • We use innovative search methods and modern technology
  • Cooperation based on trust
  • We are a small Executive Search company with great expertise

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We believe in the uniqueness of each of you!

  • We work on the basis of a personal meeting, respecting your time options
  • We are transparent, we communicate all information at the beginning, including the name of the company
  • We obtain information directly from the Hiring Manager
  • We try to find the best connection between your experience, expectations and client needs
  • We will really address you only with the relevant job offer
  • We provide timely and regular feedback so that you know how you are doing in the selection process
  • We build long-term relationships based on trust
  • You can ask for advice from us at any time, we will respond to you immediately

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„Veronika Jurečková's approach to finding a new job at Unique People was very professional. A specific new position has been offered to me very quickly, according to my requirements and career direction. I strongly recommend Unique People!“

Andrea Škardová

„I first met Veronica at a time when I was forced by the circumstances to find a new job. She recognized my profile very well, recommended me to a suitable IT position in the leading Czech financial company, and greatly presented me as a candidate. Negotiations were quick and professional. I recommend her work.“

Jan Málek

„I have had the first experience with mediating the agency, but I was very satisfied and actually i prefer it much more now as I am a pretty jittery person and as Mrs. Koromházová met with me in a nice cafe environment and was very kind to me I was more relaxed. Later on I had a smaller interview session directly with the client. So, overall, I am very happy with access, speed of recruitment and mediation.“

Lenka Kuželíková

„Veronica is a professional, I was very satisfied with the job. Communication with her has always been pleasant and open. She is genuinely interested in the candidate, not his biography. The interview rather resembled coffee sitting with an old friend. May all meetings be like this! :)“

Jana Pouzarová

„Petra was very helpful. She sent me a job that fit my interests. She was well prepared for my interviews and came back to any queries very quick. I have never been through a quicker and more seamless hiring process. Would always recommend working with her again! Very professional and responsive recruiter!“

Světlana Tymoščuk

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